Kristen Nicholas Workshop
Fair Isle (two-color) Knitting and Making a Steek

Saturday, March 19 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.    $80

(price includes two skeins of Kristen's own Julia yarn for use in class)
Many of Kristen's patterns are two-color Fair Isle-type patterns that are knit in the round (no purling!). They are then "steeked" or cut for a cardigan, neck or armhole. In this workshop students will learn to:

1. Use double-pointed needles
2. Read a chart
3. Two-color knitting using both hands
4. Cutting a steek
5. How to machine- and hand-stitch a steek
6. Pick up steek stitches and add a decorative edge

Already know some of these techniques? Let Kristen impart her words of wisdom (color theory, short cuts, pattern ideas) to enhance your knowledge.

Kristen is an illustrator and the author of many knitting knitting and stitchery books and articles including the popular Kristin Knits and Color by Kristen. She has recently returned from teaching several classes at the Vogue Knitting retreat in New York City.